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Bleaching Cream

Bleaching Cream


Power Lab Bleaching Cream is the only cream in the world with full guarantee.
For bleaching and concealing Pigmentation skin stains with the approval of the ministry of health. Already on the first week you will be able to see a change in the face and regain your self confidence that was lost.The product is with full warranty!
So if you won't see an improvement you will get a full refund within 30 days from themoment you have purchased the product. You can read and see more recommendations at the link above, Power Lab Face Bleaching Cream Recommended !!

What kind of skin stains the cream handles?
For all skin stains that were created during tour lifetime:
• Sun stains
• Pregnancy stains
• Aging stains

What does the cream do?
• bleaching and concealing Pigmentation skin stains
• reduce and represses the production of Melanin
• erases and wipes out dark stains, freckles, scars, Acne and Aging stains

How does the cream works?
The cream is based on natural ingredients and with a unique formula that is protected by patent rights which causes to reduce the production of Melanin.The product enables affective and quick skin stains bleaching more than any other product.The cream is affective for bleaching skin stains in the face, hands and the all body.

Contains: 50 ml
With the approval of the Ministry of Health.


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